Canosa walking tour

Guided tour of Canosa, one of the oldest cities in Puglia, with a large presence of numerous civilizations in its territory, from the Dauna to the Roman and medieval.

  • Visit Palazzo Sinisi
  • Admire the Cathedral
  • Stroll in the historic center
Duration2 Hours or 0 Hour

Further information

Canosa, besides being one of the oldest cities in Puglia, is also a center with a very long continuity of settlement. It boasts the presence of numerous civilizations that followed one another on its territory, from the Dauna to the Roman and medieval-Norman-Swabian ones. Canosa is also one of the main archaeological centers of the whole of Puglia. The city preserves innumerable underground churches, monuments, farms and palaces. It is a museum in sight with the presence of many archaeological excavations of great value. The itinerary allows you to discover some important places such as a Hypogeum of the IV-V century, the Palazzo Sinesi Archaeological Museum and the Romanesque Cathedral with the Mausoleum of Boemondo d’Altavilla.

Our tour includes the following visits:

• Palazzo Sinesi which houses the Archaeological Museum of Canosa and preserves works and finds of great value;
• Cathedral of San Sabinoche preserves the Mausoleum of Bohemond, a true jewel of medieval art.

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