San Giovanni Rotondo, the town of Padre Pio

Dive into a mystical atmosphere of recollection and prayer.

San Giovanni Rotondo is the core of the spiritual soul of the Gargano, an important destination for devotional practices and religious pilgrimages.

  • Visit the places where the Friar lived
  • Step in the new Church
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Duration2 Hours
Bring along

⇒ TO PUT IN YOUR BACKPACK the right spirit for moments of meditation, reflection and prayer. In several places, it is not possible to take pictures but immortalizing this trip is a must. You will have a wealth of opportunities to take stunning pictures.

Opening hours

⇒ THIS TOUR IS FOR people who love culture and sacred art and who want to discover the sites and the stories of important devotional figures such as St. Pio.

Important information

⇒ YOU WILL BE MOVED when stepping into the sacred Cappuccini Convent. This is where Padre Pio lived. Along with your tour guide you will retrace his life, the places where he lived and where his remains are preserved. Silence and prayer will envelop your visit inside the majestic new church designed by Renzo Piano.


⇒ DURATION: 1 hour and a half

⇒ WE PROMISE that you will learn all about the life and history of St. Pius, affectionately called Padre Pio by all.

⇒ TOUR IN BRIEF: Meeting point with your tour guide will be in Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie in front of the column with the cross. You will start the visit with the ancient Cappuccini Church of 1540 and then continue your journey at the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie commissioned in 1959 by Padre Pio to accommodate worshippers' celebrations. You will move up a century and explore the Church of San Pio inaugurated in 2004 and designed by world renowned architect, Renzo Piano. Lastly, you will visit the Convent of the Cappuccini dedicated to the Saint from Pietralcina.


meeting in Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, next to the column
Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie
Piazzale Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Giovanni Rotondo, FG, Italia

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71013 - San Giovanni Rotondo

Further information

How to visit San Giovanni Rotondo

The guided tour of San Giovanni Rotondo takes place in total safety, following the guidelines provided by the Ministry. The tour guide and the participants will be wearing masks at all times. The meeting point is at the square of the conventual complex of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where you will have no problem finding a parking space.


How long does it take to visit San Giovanni Rotondo?

The duration of the guided tour of San Giovanni Rotondo is 1 hour and a half, but we are not always so tight on schedule, it may happen that the tour lasts a little longer.You will visit the monastery complex of Santa Maria delle Grazie with the ancient church of the Cappuccini, the proper "new" church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Church of St. Pio inside and outside and the convent of Padre Pio. Inside, it will not be possible to talk as it is a place of worship and prayer.


Guided tour of San Giovanni Rotondo: online booking tours

To book your guided tour of San Giovanni Rotondo you simply have to use the online booking system choosing your preferred date and time. There is a shift in the morning and one in the afternoon. In summer, when it's very hot, we suggest the visit at 5pm around sunset. A true feast for the eyes! The tour has no additional cost. If you want to stay in the ancient village we recommend a visit to the equally wonderful medieval churches such as St. Onofrio Anacoreta commissioned by Frederick II or St. John the Baptist of the Rotunda, which dates back to the sixth-seventh century, and from which the city derives its name.


San Giovanni Rotondo guided tour: what to see in the surroundings

The Gargano territory is full of small villages to be discovered. We highly recommend our guided tours of Rodi Garganico, Vico del Gargano and Peschici with trabucchi, blue beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Do not miss our package of the Tremiti Islands, and also the hinterland to visit the Monte Sant'Angelo Unesco site with its Sanctuary-cave of San Michele. Another unmissable spot is the Umbra Forest with beech forests in the Park of Gargano.

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